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"The Ragdoll originated in America in the 1960s. Ann Baker then started with a white Angora-like cat. This cat, Josephine, belonged to Ann Baker's neighbor. Josephine often had kittens who were all wild. Josephine was hit by a car, but she survived this accident and Josephine was taken to the local University, where her life was saved.

Toen zij genezen verklaard was ging Josephine weer naar huis en kreeg zij korte tijd later weer kittens. Deze kittens waren echter anders dan voor het ongeluk. Deze kittens waren zeer lief, erg speels en totaal ontspannen. Ook waren ze dol op menselijke aandacht. Josephines eigenaar wilde van de kittens af. Ann Baker vond dit gedrag, als ervaren kattenfokster, erg interessant en besloot enkele kittens mee te nemen. Buckwheat werd haar eerste kat.

Ann had een oudere zoon van Josephine geleend om een nieuwe lijn op te zetten in haar fokprogramma. Dit was een zwart bruine Pers met de naam Blackie. Tijdens de bezoeken aan de eigenaar van Blackie zag ze zijn broer, een indrukwekkende kater, ondanks zijn uiterlijke kenmerken van een Heilige Birmaan, maar was hij dat niet. Ook deze kater mocht zij lenen voor haar fokprogramma. Ann noemde deze kater Raggedy Ann Daddy Warbucks. Beide waren zoons van Josephine maar volgens Ann van verschillende vaders.

Daddy Warbucks' father was unknown, so it is difficult to trace the origin. Buckwheat, a plain black female cat, was a daughter of Blackie and Josephine. She had the appearance of a Burmese but with a thick fur. In addition to Buckwheat, Ann also had a cat, Raggedy Ann Fugianna. This was in fact a failed Bi-color and her father was Daddy Warbucks.

When Ann owned Buckwheat and Fugianna and was entitled to cover from Daddy Warbucks, the rest was not that difficult. The basis for the new breed was laid. Ann realized that the descendants of these three founders were special and called "" her "" Ragdolls. In 1975, Ann registered "" Ragdoll "" as a trademark. "


"A Ragdoll is a big cat. Ragdoll literally means 'rag doll', because the cat really hangs in the arms of its owner.

His fur is medium length, silky soft and normally does not stick. Point Ragdoll kittens are born pure white after which the colors slowly become clear. It was only around the third year that he grew and colored. Males weigh between 5 and 10 kilos, an adult female weighs around 3 to 6 kilos.

Ragdolls fall under the point cats, Colourpoint. That means that the points, so the ears, legs, tail and mask are colored while the body is lighter colored. Point Ragdolls have blue eyes.

The colors of the Ragdoll are Seal, Blue, Chocolate, Lilac, Red, Cream and Tortie, all of these colors also come in lynx (tabby). The Ragdoll comes in three main varieties, namely Colorpoint, Mitted and Bi-color. Color point: Mask, ears, legs and tail are colored. Body color is lighter, cream colored. The chest is usually lighter than the rest of the body. A Colourpoint must have absolutely no white.

Mitted: Mitted means gloved. With a Mitted, the Points are colored. In addition, the Mitted has white socks on the front legs and higher boots on the rear legs. A white line runs from the chin to the tail implant, the so-called belly line. Some Mitteds have a white blaze on their nose. Bi-color: The mask is colored, but contains an inverted, white "V". Tail and ears are colored. Chin, chest, belly and legs are white. "


"Ragdolls are fairly calm, affectionate cats. They often follow you like a dog where you have to be careful that they do not bother you.

They are very social, very people-oriented, very curious and friendly. Ragdolls remain playful throughout their lives. Ragdolls are suitable for families with children and can also get along well with other animals.

They are very suitable indoor cats but a cat run or enclosed garden is also appreciated. "


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